Charlotte Ahora Mismo

My Nia class is in a studio on Hawthorne Ave. Yesterday when I arrived it was pretty close to impossible to find parking because of all the construction. Next to the studio is an old wreck of a building that looks like it was the victim of a bombing. But I love the archways and its basic structure. I hope they’re going to rebuild with those bones but given that this is Charlotte that may not be what is happening. In some places the city has preserved its history, but mostly they just let developers run rough shod. It’s a brash, fast-growing city, looking forward to the future and not so enamored with the past. I try to imagine what cool thing this could be turned into:

This is Not Atlanta

Lately I've been fascinated by the changes taking place in the North End of Charlotte where I currently live. This isn't the shiny Charlotte that they show to the rest of the world, but I find a beauty at once poetic and ephemeral. It's changing and changing fast. Right now, this part of the city is industrial. The poor and the homeless congregate near the railroad tracks. This is a picture of Jazz. When I found her, she was moisturizing her legs. I think she's beautiful.

It's Getting Cold Out Here

So I read this story in The New Yorker about an immigrant basically begging a judge to send him to Riker’s Island because ICE was lurking outside the courtroom waiting to deport the guy. He figured he’d be better off in jail — on Riker’s Island, no less, than being spirited away. Hey, I’m no New Yorker, but I know that Dante would have a field day describing that place. They used to say the rats there were as big as Santa Claus. And the guards trained at the Marquis de Sade charm school. But this guy had a kid and he believed he would be better off in jail because he’d at least be in the same country with his kid. These fucking ICE people. I mean even the name is indicative of the temperatur

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